British Sea Power–Cambridge Junction 18th April 2014

Was looking forward to this especially after the previous week’s amazing Sheffield gig.

We booked this one back in Jan and managed to back a Travelodge night near the venue for about £30. After check in we’re sampling a few decent ales in Cambridge Blue, and The Elm Tree (landlord particularly helpful here, talking us through some of his ales and making further pub recommendations).

Burgers in The Brew House and we’re ready to rock!

Back to the Junction we check out the support – Pretty average to be honest. A little later and the band appear. The gig doesn’t really ever get going if I’m honest. Part crowd (who seem younger and more delicate this evening – I’m actually concerned about who I’m near when the rate pogo does occur) and part band – Yan especially seems to be a bit cheesed off and lack lustre this evening. I dunno maybe because we’re spoilt with excellent BSP performances when we get one that’s still fantastic but not as good it really shows.

We both enjoy it though, see a couple of familiar faces in the crowd – I should maybe introduce myself on the forums one day. There’s the usual crowd surfing bear and at the end Nobile throws out cans of beer – I walk away from the crowd – I’m drenched it sweat – I notice a can flying through the air and manage to grab the first one – Becks Vier – Cheers Noble!

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