British Sea Power–Ilkley Film Festival–Kings Hall, Ilkley–15th February 2014–From The Land To The Sea Beyond Soundtrack Performance

We’d seen BSP perform the Land Beyond soundtrack the previous year at Sheffield’s Crucible theatre (just noticed I didn’t review that one – need to sort that out).

I was suffering from a severe case of manflu but several pints and many olbas pastels later and I was ready to rock.

This was pretty much identical (as expected, and had to be) to the Sheffield performance. The venue was rammed to the rafters – A great turn out for a Saturday night. The film was projected in front of the band on stage and the band performed the soundtrack live. It went down a storm. On my way out I notice guitarist Noble appears to be getting a lift home from his parents (rock n roll!) and I almost walk into drummer Woody – I mention some drunken gushing praise to Woody who replies with “er thanks”

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