Long Division Festival Wakefield 2013

Recovering from another excellent Long Division festival. The 3rd for me (and for them).

Bagged a £10 Super Early bird ticket – no brainer really. Bit of a weird one. The sun was blazing and I think a lot of people that wouldn’t have bothered were there. Highlights….
“Indie Summer” – Festival’s own ale – very nice too. Although my head doesn’t agree this morning.
Kid Canaveral – Not bad – I think the lead singer is porking Josie Long as she was in attendance – was stood next to her at one point.
Sky Larkin – Fuck me this band are good – Decent Leeds indie band
This Many Boyfriends – Already a fan – Perfect punk pop – if these guys were starting out in 77′ they’d be huge – unlucky for them. Lead singer bounces off stage mid-set – we end up hugging – tad weird!
Ed Tudor Pole – He was playing downstairs in a pub where the patio doors were open and the crowd were spilling out into the courtyard – I’m in said courtyard – can’t see a feckin thing – Sounds alright – Acoustic / protesty style songs.
The Fall – Apparantly they were turning people away from the venue – Typical Fall gig – very hit and miss – That said it’s 10pm – I’ve been drinking for 8 hours – Bump into old forums member McCardigan on the way out – say hello.
Allo Darlin – Can’t remember a thing about this! They came on at 10:45

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