The Stranglers–Leeds Carling Academy 21st March 2014

How many times have I seen this band now? First gig back in 1990 with original singer Hugh Cornwell and now on their 40th year I’m seeing them back at Leeds. This is fast becoming an annual event now. Must be the 6th year they’ve played here in March?

Meeting up with fellow Stranglers buddy Johnny at around 6pm we head to the new and shiny Trinity kitchen. Get some food then we head to Veritas, closely followed by Belgrave Music Hall for some much needed ale.

On entering the venue at around 8.45 the place is rammed – Not sold out I believe but bursting at the seems. Me and Johnny manage to get a decent vantage point at the side near the bar. Band appear at around 9ish and it’s straight into London Lady (strange opener but we’re running through a track off each of their albums over the 40 years).

It’s all good fun, the crowd lap it up. There’s some interesting projection screens behind them showing clips of them throughout the years. It’s a heavy dose of nostalgia served up to a nostalgic crowd and there’s no complaints.

A set that lasts almost 2 hours – We’re treated to some classics. Highlights for me are the Dave Greenfield vocal freak out of Peasant In The Big Shitty, Never To Look Back (nostalgic MKI photos are displayed behind the band), interestingly Coup De Grace warps into Was It You.

Not their best gig but the crowd seem happy and it’s £23 well spent – Yeah I had to buy a ticket!!!

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