The Wedding Present @ Leeds 02 Academy 24th October 2013

Caught the Weddoes last night as part of their UK “Hit Parade” tour which sees the band play their 1992 monthly assault of the charts.

Arriving at around 8.45 we take to the bar and order the least crappiest drink we can find, Tuborg @ £4.50 we nurse the one pint all night! Making our way past the sound desk we notice the crowd is a bit sparse really.  Was expecting a sold out venue.   It’s still a respectable turnout.

The band appear at around 9ish and kick off with a few tracks before the “Hit Parade”, which throws me a bit – We’re treated to Interstate 5, Niagra and personal fave Montreal, and of course Brassneck which unsurprisingly gets the crowd well and truly revved up.  Mr Gedge doesn’t do much in between song banter, seems quite reserved tonight.

Blue Eyes kicks off the Hit Parade run down and it’s a solid performance,  Highlights: Go-Go Dancer, Love Slave, Sticky.

Well worth the £16 ticket price.  Very happy.

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