Wire @ Wakefield Unity Hall 20th February 2015


Walking into the venue no one checks our tickets – coulda saved £30 there (only joking of course).

One third full at best, the newly revamped Unity Hall looks fantastic but feels a bit empty this evening.  The sound mix is horrific.  Possibly the worst sound I’ve ever witnessed at a gig (apart from possibly Buzzcocks at Leeds Uni a few years back).


Vocals echo off and bounce around a spacious hall, constant feedback and distortion.  I’m dead centre in the hall and it feels like they’re taking the piss a little.  That said, always good to see Wire and the setlist (new album heavy) is pretty decent.  The new songs sound great “In Manchester” and “Swallow” are particular highlights.   “Spent” sounding great this evening as well.  The sound  does improve towards the end.  Booking tickets for Leeds in April.

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