British Sea Power – Wakefield Unity Hall – 12th June 2015


Day 1 of a 2 part British Sea Power gig run that would see me in London’s Roundhouse the following day.

Kicking off Wakefield’s Long Division festival British Sea Power played the recently restored Unity Hall on the Friday night.


A decent “festival style” set got the crowd going,  That said I did commence the moshing at the front as it was a little stagnant to begin with.  Very easy to walk to the front and stand staring at the band with no one near you. So little atmos to begin with.  Probably didn’t help by a handful of people at the front clinging on to the barrier and getting a bit miffed when there was a bit of movement behind.  If you don’t like the odd bit of crowd movement then don’t go to the front or just accept it for what it is.  That said the gig was a perfect way to start another Long Division festival.

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