Hugh Cornwell @ Hebden Bridge Trades Club 9th August 2015

Having enjoyed a couple of days at the first weekend of Edinburgh Fringe and my body crying out for sleep and a nice quiet night in the thought of Hugh at Hebden Bridge is too much of a temptation.

Replenishments got us through an otherwise uneventful train journey to Hebden Bridge.

HughBridge1 HughBridge2

I didn’t expect a sold out venue (and it wasn’t) but there was a very healthy turn out for a Sunday night in Hebden Bridge.  A bit of a buzz around the audience and Magic Rock’s Cannonball on the bar was most welcome.

Hugh didn’t disappoint – A solid blistering performance of classic Stranglers intertwined with classic Hugh solo material.  One of his rare full band gigs this year left me wanting more.  Drummer Chris Bell and bassist Caz Campbell being very much a part of a fantastic performance.

HughBridge3 HughBridge4 HughBridge5

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