Sauna Youth–Belgrave Music Hall–Leeds 10th October 2015

First Sauna Youth gig for me and I was not going to be disappointed.  The gig was supposed to be at the newly opened Headrow House but was moved a couple of days before to Belgrave Music Hall – fuck knows why.  Oh well it was still free – decided to pop along.

Sauna Youth were the first support band on and took to the stage around 9ish.  The venue was pretty busy and they basically rattled through their new album without any interruption.  They didn’t even leave time for applause between tracks.   A real onslaught of quality tune after tune.  Once they finished their set we didn’t hang around (hipster central!) to see the next support bands but they would have found it difficult following Sauna Youth.

I’m loving their new album and it reminds me of how Buzzcocks can rattle out buzzsaw style track after track but whilst still retaining that melodic underlying something that keeps you hooked.  Spot on, looking forward to the next one.

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