Hugh Cornwell – Selby Town Hall 14th November 2015

Following on from the Leeds gig a couple of weeks prior I decided to check out another Hugh gig at Selby Town Hall.

The town hall is full of charm, from the decorative welcoming interior to the polite and helpful staff.  Once I plonked myself next to a local and got chatting it came as no surprise to hear him singing it’s charms.  My new friend visits Selby Town Hall on a regular basis he mentioned how they always get interesting acts and although he knows who Hugh is he asks what we’re in for.  I let him know the stucture (i.e Hugh playing a song from each album etc).  He mentioned that he is blind and in his prime he’d followed the Beatles about and had seen them live a few times.   Interesting chap, a pleasure to chat with him.

I find myself on the front row right in the middle the weather is miserable outside but the venue is warm and welcoming and thanks to my mate Johnny I’m soon sat there with an interesting ale in hand.  Hugh takes to the stage and we’re treated to another run through of classics.

After the gig I’m lucky enough to have a chat with Hugh after the merch stand dies down.  I ask him if he’s coming for an ale with us but unfortunately he h12246642_10153263553322776_3662715776077192863_nas to drive down South for the next gig.  He tells me he’d rather drive now than in the morning in rush hour.  We wish each other a happy Xmas and bid our farewells.  Looking forward to seeing him on tour in May 2016 with the full band.


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