British Sea Power – The Venue – Derby 18th December 2015

Last gig for me for 2015.  The temptation to fit in another BSP gig this year was too much so the train down with a couple of Magic Rock tinnies, quick pint in the Alexander pub near the station and we’re on our way to the hotel.  Then it’s food and more beers in the Greyhound pub then onto the venue “The Venue” !

As I enter “The Venue” I have to laugh as there’s a poster up advertising a forthcoming gig by S*M*A*S*H.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed them in the 90s and even saw them live a few times at the legendary Leeds Duchess venue but I wasn’t expecting to see a poster advertising them!


I usually avoid support bands but I’m glad we chance upon The Clowwns tonight.  The comparisons to other bands have been done already (Devo meets Talking Heads etc) but I won’t put them in a box.  Just go see them – fantastic live entertainment – just how it should be.

BSP appear and there’s a really great crowd vibe happening. Everyone’s all smiles and the band don’t disappoint. A very solid setlist if a little familiar.  Machineries, Remember Me, Lucifer, Louis, Lately, all finished off with (Julian Cope set regular) Out Of My Mind On Dope And Speed are personal highlights. The usual BSP peculiar happenings are in abundance.  I don’t see the bears but I’m told they’re at the back of the venue.  For some reason people behind me sit down in Skua.  Noble does some very impressive monkeying around and it’s all over.  See you in 2016.

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