Wind-up Birds and Kleine Schweine – Leeds Becketts 5th February 2016

First gig of 2016 for me and back to a place I hadn’t been to for almost 20 years. Leeds Met Uni bar.  Used to go to “Stomp” nights there in the 90s as a student.  No real cause to go back since, well except for this evening.

Not seen Kleine Schweine before but been getting into them recently and I’ve been into Wind-up Birds for a while so this gig (just £4 as well!) was too tempting.

Kleine Schweine up first. Very enjoyable, lots of stage presence.  Lead singer has a touch of the Pete Shelley about him (minus the guitar). Wind-up Birds were great as well but they seemed to just drift off and give up towards the end (or maybe that was my shitty lager haze having an effect on me).   We bumped into Wind-up Birds in an eatery in Leeds beforehand and perhaps a nod to what could be one of their new songs we miss the last feckin train home.


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