The Stranglers first album artwork predicts next 20 years of album artwork

The artwork for the first Stranglers album Rattus Norvegicus contains a photo of the band surrounded by various artifacts which indicate the titles for 5 of their future albums spanning the next 3 decades.




The Gospel According To The Meninblack

Pretty sinister figure-in-black lurking in the background with his back to the camera looking out the window to the sky would be a prominent image for 1981’s Meninblack album.



Aural Sculpture

Hugh sporting a rather fetching hearing device gives a nod to 1984’s Aural Sculpture album


Black And WhiteStranglers_-_Black-White_album_cover

The random badger in the image couldn’t be more Black and White giving the band the title for the 1978 album.



The feline looking animal on Dave’s knee gives us 1983’s Feline album.


220px-Stranglers-about-timeAbout Time

The grandfather clock in the background gives the timepiece inspired title to the band’s 1995 album About Time.



Presumably, the spears in JJ’s hands and child dummy inspired album titles are yet to come?

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