Azure Connection Strings

Connection string data should always be removed of obfuscated in source control.  There are many approaches to accommodating this. Scott Hanselmann has a great post on this.  Azure makes this even easier if you’re hosting a web app that’s referencing a database somewhere.

To enable simply click on the web app in question through the Azure dashboard.   Click on the “Configure” tab and look for the “Connection Strings” section about 3 quarters down.  In the “NAME” enter the name of your connection and in the “VALUE” enter the connection string.  So for example in my web.config I have the following:

 <add name="DB_Dev" connectionString=",1433;Database=mydatabase;User Id=Bob;Password=mysecretpassword;Encrypt=True;TrustServerCertificate=False;" />

This then appears in Azure config as follows:


I can then change my local dev config settings to whatever local dev instance I’m working on.

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