Teleman – Leeds Wardrobe 2nd April 2016

First up support band NZCA Lines.  Not a bad slab of electro pop.  Every song seemed to start off pretty interesting and showed promised but then it just washed over me.  I need to give them another go I think.  Also, I thought Charlotte Hatherley was in this band but she was no where to be seen.

Teleman take to the stage just after 9.30.  It’s an almost sold out venue and the crowd are pretty vocal.  There’s some people near me that won’t shut up.  I’m about to lean in and remind them that we’re here to see a gig and not to listen to them when they seem to settle down.  This is the second time I’ve seen Teleman (first being at Leeds Brudenell a couple of years back) and this seems to be a recurring issue for their crowds (never noticed this with the Pete and The Pirates gigs).   Oh well, Teleman put in a strong performance this evening the few songs they play from their forthcoming album sound great and it’s all wrapped up at the end with the classic “I’m not in control”.

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