Leeds Pub Crawl 1999

Let me take you on a pub crawl around Leeds in the late 90s…..

As part of my Computing degree back in the late 90s I did a “multimedia guide to the pubs of leeds” – This involved much careful research of the pubs around Leeds at the time and I stumbled across a load of (badly taken) photos that I used as part of the multimedia experience!

I make no apologies for the quality of the photos and realise they’re pretty crappy. Also, some of the pubs are still standing and haven’t changed a bit. Anyway…….

Beckett Park Campus

Beckett Park Campus

“Berlins” (now Belgrave Music Hall). This seemed to be the pub everyone started their night in. Notable for the big spinning wheel in the centre of the pub where you could win a prize

“Brannigans” on Vicar Lane (now Travelodge). I remember being in here for England V Germany Euro 96 TVs and bodies everywhere (and beer everywhere when England scored).

“Feast & Firken” (now The Library).

“Felon & Firken” (now O’Neils). They had quite a lot of court/legal and judges stuff on display upstairs (along with a pretty good jukebox).

“Hyde Park Pub” Not really changed much.

“The Three Horseshoes” Not really changed (apart from the sign).

“The New Inn” . Only time I went here is when we did the “Otley Run” one year.

“Woodies Ale House” Used to go in here every Friday lunchtime for chips and gravy or something else typically Northern.

“Square on the Lane” on Boar Lane which is now Sainsburys, Cafe Nero etc.

“Yates” Boar Lane.

“The Observatory” then became “Flares” now “The Black Prince”

“Majestyks” nightclub – avoided and only went in once on a work’s do. Occassionally went to “Jumpin Jacks” round the corner for a laugh.

“Rat & Parrot” opposite Merrion Centre is now Yates/Verity. This was a massive pub. Used to go in a fair bit before Leeds started getting some decent drinking establishments.

“Dry Dock” not changed much apart from a paint job

“The Courtyard” now “Nation of Shopkeepers”.

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  1. Pauline Francis

    Thank you, I enjoyed a walk down memory lane. Ps Woodys used to be Woodman.

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