British Sea Power @ Birmingham 02 Academy – 13th April 2017

Big smiles as we waltz passed the lines of cheesed off looking Kasabian fans snaking round the corner and up the road from the Birmingham 02 Academy.  We walk straight into the side hall of the Academy (which in itself is a fairly large venue).  On the way in a friendly bouncer looks at us and goes “Ah you here for British Sea Shanties?” with a wry smile on his face. Good effort mate!  I whince as I hand over the £5.10 for a pint of Tubourg!!



Pint down and BSP hit the stage for the last date of the UK tour.  And it’s another corker.  It’s pretty active down the front and a bit weird.  One guy (not me!) pogos about down the front to just about every song. Then BSP come back on for the encore and let rip with a chaotic cover of Iggy’s “Fun Time” and said pogoer stands there wondering what he’s hearing. Erm.  Anyway, the onstage banter is strong tonight, Noble offers us “What’s your favourite temperature?”.  All jolly good fun.







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