The Courtneys – Headrow House, Leeds 1st June 2017

Jumped at the chance to see The Courtneys. It was disappointing really to see such a low turn out. There must have been about 30 of us in the crowd.

Upstairs on the roof terrace there’s some sort of shitty garden party thing going on and every so often you can here some awful shite droning over the PA and making it’s way down the venue walls. Thankfully, when The Courtneys appear at 10pm they kick up a right old racket and jolly good fun it is. The bassist mentions that Leeds is full of people everywhere and asks what the best thing is for breakfast. Someone shouts “porridge!” all a bit random.

It’s a shame that they only play for just over half an hour and there’s dry ice but you can’t have everything.

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