999 and Vibrators Wakefield Warehouse 23 – 9th June 2017

Sure some of the original members may be missing in action The Vibrators being the worse hit with only their drummer standing. So I was intrigued as to whether they’d come across as a tribute band. I was also looking forward to seeing them as the last time I checked them out was at the 1996 “Holidays In The Sun” punk fest in Blackpool. The classics were given a new lease of life and original drummer “Eddie” doing a sterling job of powerhouse drumming whilst having a stint on vocals on some of the tracks.


999 I’d seen a bit more regularly and knew they’d be great live and they didn’t disappoint. All the classics with some stuff of their “new” album. Marvellous!

Had a brief chat with Eddie and Nick Cash at the merch stall after. Apologies to Mr Cash as (amusingly) my wallet had ran out of cash. But hey I do own your new album mate and I’m looking forward to the next one!

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