British Sea Power – Hebden Bridge Trades Club – 28th July 2017

A wet July day

Off the train at Hebden Bridge at around 7 to be met by a torrent of rain. Dashing down the high street and into the new (?) Vocation pub where we meet up with the usual crew for a rather splendid pre-gig ale.

Making our way to the venue across the road the rain has let up a bit but it’s still a warm July evening. Inside the Trades Club it’s humid and sweaty (perfect for a BSP gig, unless you’re wearing a latex Unicorn mask of course when I guess things could be a little more uncomfortable/smelly <-- you know who you are!).

BSP enter the stage and we’re treated to another wonderful gig. Even the severe tooth pain (which requires 70 mins of rool canal the following week) doesn’t get in the way. Although because of this (honest) I take on more alcohol than usual to try and numb the pain and make a right old mess of trying to acquire the set list!

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