Long Division 2018 – Sat 2nd June

Whilst sat here vegetating to the Spain Vs Portugal World Cup and drinking far too much red wine I thought I’d try and serve some sort of purpose by bringing some collective thoughts (and photos mainly) to another fantastic Long Division. I’ve been to every god damn one of them must be a fair few now 6 or 7? I’ve blogged some of them in the past – click on the tags if you’re remotely interested.

Selective History Highlights

Just book-ending the festival. I guess your first baby is always your favourite?! Well the first Long Division brings back great memories of Wind Up Birds, The Weddoes (avoid the bouncers), ILikeTrains in the glorious Town Hall, the whole DIY/small scale vibe about the whole thing. Fantastic. Then last year there was no Long Division, I was sad. Prior to that it was another sterling lineup of crazy value-for-money proportions, Bis, Membranes (more of them later) and Brix and The Extricated and many more – Very exciting!.


Long Division returns and it’s just like old times really. Curse the “Clashfinder” there’s so many new talent I wanna check out but so many classic bands I wanna see also. To kick off I decide to set aside Mush for The Harriets and whilst a million miles apart they were entertaining. Some great songwriting talent there.


The Membranes in the Cathedral and it’s still mid afternoon! – We’re getting truly spoilt here. Brother John and co entertain us greatly in the apt setting of the Catherdral. We have some classics and some recent bangers off the Dark Matter album. Brilliant stuff!


A dash across town to Warehouse23 to check out Drahla. Now I dunno whether they are better on the record (sounds like it) but the sound mix seems to let them down and they cut their set short by a good 20 mins. Not sure what went on there. Back to the cathedral…..


Helen Marnie known for her work in Ladytron has had a fair few songs out within her own right and her setlist focuses completely on that. Her onstage band member is very talented, throwing down some nice synths then picking up the axe and rocking out. It all works rather well here and of course G.I.R.L.S is played!

Charlotte Hatherley

Seemed to take a while setting up then struggled with technical problems? The whole thing seemed a bit lost in translation. Pretty disappointing really.


Cud are always one of those bands that seemed to have passed me by. Well I passed them by. I’m a Weddoes and Fall fan. How have I never seen Cud? I even like the stuff of theirs that I’ve heard………And relax! For here we are this evening. Front row (well almost) at a Cud gig and ready to rock!. They do not disappoint. Exactly how I thought they would be. Very entertaining, great stage presence. Just amazing really.

And that was me done – of course I wanted to see Lovely Eggs and a couple of other bands but that old devil time got in the way. Besides we all saw Lovely Eggs at a close and intimate gig in Henry Boons in Wakey a few years back 😉

Spain Vs Portugal? Who cares? Well it was a Ronaldo hat trick to hold the Spaniards to a 3 all draw.

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