Hugh Cornwell, Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield 4/2/12

Great gig last night – I have a serious headache this morning. Got into Huddersfield at about 3.30pm – Nipped into the first pub we found for a quick pint (big mistake). Next thing we know the landlady is bodyslamming a punter into the wall – I check the time – its 3.50pm – wonder what the entertainment in here is like at chucking out time!! Finishing our pints and dodging flying bodies we make our way towards the venue in time for the soundcheck. Had a brief chat with a nice chap from Derby (never did get your name!) and his son who were both happy to be able to meet Hugh. Hugh appears, coffee and biscuits in hand (where’s  ours?!) and eventually we get down to picking out the encores – We’re given a choice between 5 Stranglers and 5 solo songs – we can choose 2 of each. I let father and son choose the Stranglers tracks (they choose ATS and Peaches) Lammy chooses Cadiz and I go for “Street called Carrol”. 

Hugh ushers us to the front of the stage and then begins to run through the soundcheck. We’re treated so several numbers whilst Hugh and tech crew get the sound right. The in house sound crew (I think Ruth and Keith) seem a spot on bunch and patiently work through Hugh’s requests. We also offer feedback on his sound – In the end we get a bit of delay and a “chunky” rich feel – I think it was spot on to be honest.

There’s just time to get watered and fed before the main event – We opt for a pizza place just round the corner. Whilst there I get a text from Johnny who’s finally arrived safely and is sat in the pub over the road. We meet him in there for a swift pint then it’s on to the gig.

The sound was fantastic and the performance Hugh put in was just amazing. He seemed very happy and played a blinder. Tramp was my fave of the evening – just stunning. Had a brief chat with him afterwards and he seemed in good spirits. Talk of June for a potential release of the album and then tour in October – I think the dates will be on the official site soon.

I have some pics of the soundcheck which I’ll stick up – None of the gig, got a slapped wrist off one of the staff there for using my mobile to take a photo (flash was off!) – Ah well, fair enough.

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