Royal Mere Aldemar Hotel, Hersonosis, Crete


Spent a week at the Royal Mere hotel near Hersonosis in Crete with my mother. This was my 3rd time in Crete having being previously there to different parts of the island on a family holiday in the 80s and with my wife in 2011.

I’d visited a TUI 5 star resort before being at 1 in Croatia last year and was impressed with the food (good veggie options) and accommodation. The Royal Mere was a similar deal, no complaints really.

An extended holiday best forgotten

Spent a relaxing 7 days apart from the journey home. A 12 hour delay (which eventually turned into 13+ hours) welcomed us as we arrived at the airport. The TUI rep informed us that they’d take us to an all inclusive hotel for the evening. I remember thinking “we’re at their mercy now” and we were. The hotel was shocking. The rooms looked like a youth hostel. So glad we only stayed 12 hours in them. Needless to say I didn’t bother with the all inclusive or the room. Thankfully, I wasn’t here for the bulk of my stay and I’ve managed to block this from my memory (especially when the compo turns up)

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