Top 10 Remote Working Essential Gadgets

I’ve been working from home a few years now and here are my Top 10 essential bits of kit to help with remote working.

1. Standing Desk

Essential really. Get yourself a decent standing desk. Preferably one you can program at least 3 settings into so you get the standing and seating levels perfect for your size. Don’t bother with a mechanical/manual one. Get an electric one that enables the following…..

2. USB Slots

Lots of them within easy reach. My standing desk has 3 at the side for charging my phone, headphones etc. More USB slots can be found on my….

3. USB Docking Station

An absolute must. Get a decent USB docking station. That way you just plug the one USB cable from your laptop to the docking station and your set to go. All monitors, keyboard, mouse and any other devices sorted.

4. Webcam

Yeah I know your laptop has a webcam. However, once your laptop is docked you wanna close the lid and tuck it away. The Logitech C270 HD has light correction and noise reduction and all for less than £25. The mic sound levels are always perfect along with the picture.

5. Wireless Flashing Doorbell Chimer

So you’re gonna have headphones on most of the day but you don’t wanna miss out on important deliveries. Get a doorbell with a chimer that flashes as well as ringing. Problem solved. The one I have is £12

6. A Clock

Why the hell do I need a clock? Well you’re not in an office anymore. Days drift into evenings without any coworkers getting up to clock off for the day. You need reminders that it’s time for lunch or to stop hitting the keyboard! The Bresser’s are pretty good and come in a range of colours

7. Plants

Essential. They’re your office friends now. Greet them on a morning and say good night at the end of a working day.

8. Wall Art

Ok so maybe you don’t need a Kraftwerk/Computing crossover one but you need something to stare at other than…….

9. Magic Whiteboards & Real Whiteboards

I started out with a real whiteboard and I’ve recently moved onto the “Magic” ones. I currently have 3 whiteboards full of ideas/requirements straight out of virtual meetings and onto the walls. Oh and don’t forget the marker pens

10. Office Plaything

Whaaat?? Well you need something. Juggling balls, dodgy 80s guitar. Just something to play with that’s not work related for the occasional break in proceedings.

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