0808 Vodafone. 0808 000 0122 – Stop Vodafone Marketing Calls.

I received a call today from 08080000122 claiming to be from Vodafone. Sounded a bit dodgy to be honest and very sales/marketing. I carried out the usual whocalledme lookup and that number does relate to Vodafone. More specifically their marketing arm. So I’m guessing they’ll try and flog me some awesome device that I don’t need. Here’s out to stop the 0808 000 0122 marketing calls and other associated Vodafone markerting…

Removal From The 0808 000 0122 and all related Vodafone Marketing.

Simply carry out the following to Opt Out. Or Opt in if you so wish…..

0808 vodafone
How to opt out of Vodafone marketing.

Other Vodafone numbers…

You can check using the vodafone tool

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