Unable to place tray back into De’Longhi Magnifica

dellonghi coffee machine

This article describes out to resolve the problem where you’re unable to place the tracy back into the De’Longhi coffee machine.

The De’Longhi Magnifica coffee machine is the best machine you can get for under £300. Been using mine daily now for over a year. However, it does develop a weird quirk from time to time.

After removing and cleaning the tray one day I was unable to place it back into the machine. Having a look at what the issue was I could see that the infuser was stuck fast and hadn’t reset itself back to it’s upright position. Annoyingly the only way you can get the infuser to reset is by the machine being able to start correctly. In order to get the machine to function correctly you need the tray in it’s correct position.


The way to resolve this problem is to trick the machine into believing the tray is back in it’s correct position. This can be achieved by simply taking the waste container out of the tray and positioning it where it would normally sit in the machine. At that point the infuser will rise back to it’s normal position and you can sit the tray back in completely.

Image showing how to place tray back into De'Longhi coffee machine.

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