The Bizarre World of Crap Internet Adverts.

There seems to be a lot of crappy internet adverts about these days. Normally I scroll through them and they don’t register but recently they seem to be incredibly cheesey and a little sinister. It’s almost like having an advert of someone with a passport or driving licence is supposed to make it more trustworthy or something. Here’s a delightful section I clumped together for your enjoyment. Note that the adverts are screenshots and I’m not affiliated with any of these!

Here’s Rupert desperately clutching on to his gammon passport so he can get his will sorted.
Brian showing us his council tax bill for some reason. Also Brian will murder you if you attempt to smoke in his house.
Everyone can’t get enough of these National Insurance card masks. So cool!
Double points here for trustworthy ratings. The feckin bowler hat!! and passport
This lady has made so much cash from investing in Amazon she doesn’t even have chance to get down the bank with all the bags of money.
Here’s Bob with his driving licence. Thanks Bob. Also can I have my ball back please?
Nice one Terry. Big surprise eh? You can use the rest of the money to sort your kitchen out.
That’s not your real hand. I can’t take you serious unless you have either a passport or your driving licence. Also, no will for you
Your birth certificate awaits!

Speaking of spam. Here’s how to remove yourself from 0808 Vodafone marketing calls.

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