Web Scraping – How to scrape Instragram

Targeting Instagram

I’ve blogged about web scraping before mainly with Raspberry Pi and Python (utilising BeautifulSoup).
Finding a free weekend I decided to revisit scraping and looked at Instagram.

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Moq – Mocking the same method call with multiple results

The Scenario

I have a loop in production code that has evolved into processing batches of records. I need to modify an existing unit test to accommodate mocking the same method call each time through the loop returning different results on each loop (as it would in production).

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Accessing an internal class from an external assembly

I was working with a customer’s code base recently and I noticed a separate Unit test project was referencing an internal class in a different assembly. Initially, I expected a code smell and perhaps some kind of wrapper that was exposing an internal class some how. After doing a bit of digging and examining dependencies further with Resharper I drew a blank. How was this possible?

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Moq Vs Rhino Mocks

Just some rough notes I made coming from a Moq framework and converting to Rhino Mocks:

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Git: Setup Beyond Compare as Difftool and Mergetool

Change config file

Depending on your Git setup (mines Git for Windows). You’ll need to locate your .gitconfig file (mine’s %userpath%/.gitconfig and make the necessary changes below.

Note that the “prompt = false” stops the Y/N prompt for each difftool file compare in the set. Can also be added as git config –global –add difftool.prompt false read more