Docs 4 Life – Making a claim


Each process may differ slightly to the one I described below. Always start the process rolling by sending photos of your docs first (to with your docs4Life membership number).

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Leeds Pub Crawl 1999

Let me take you on a pub crawl around Leeds in the late 90s…..

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Quit Facebook

Over Xmas 2016 (27th December to be precise) I decided to deactivate my Facebook account. Been thinking about it for a while and having a bit of time off work meant I could take a step back and re-evaluate what value it adds to my life, and it’s very little if I’m honest. ¬†I’d kinda fallen out of love with it a long time ago and most of my posts only comprise of images linked from when I post images on Instagram or Youtube links of stuff I’m listening to which of course lead to about 90% of my Friends bored shitless ūüôā . ¬†I was planning on reactivating my account after the Xmas festivities but having spent the last week off Facebook and not missing it I doubt I’ll bother.    read more

Sherwood Hideaway Review

We were looking to get away to Europe for a late Summer’s break in September 2016. There was plenty on offer but these late last minute deals are there for a reason. Every time I checked a review for a hotel in Greece or somewhere I was met with shocking reviews. So in the end we decided to look at getting a cabin somewhere away from in all in England.

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Forest Holidays – Keldy Cabins

Just back from 5 days at Keldy Cabins. ¬†Located in the heart of the North Yorks Moors there’s 2 sites close to each other that “Forest Holidays” offer. ¬†Keldy and Cropton. ¬†Doing a bit of digging before I decided to go for the Keldy location. ¬†From the reviews Keldy seems to be located further into the forest whereas Cropton sounds like the cabins are located in a field. read more