“Magic Band” York Duchess 14th March 2013

Always been a bit of a Beefheart fan and often toyed with the idea of seeing “The Magic Band” when they’ve toured but never got off me arse. The third part of my 3 different bands in less than a week adventure. read more

Public Service Broadcasting–The Hop Wakefield 10th March 2013

Arriving just in time to catch the end of support band “The Watches” (I think they were called that – spelt with a triangle on the A like all the cool kids are doing at the mo) lead singer tearing up the stage – Lots of passion – pretty good actually. read more

Wire 19th Sep 2013 Brudenell Social Club Leeds

Went along last night to see Wire at the wonderful Brudenell Social Club. Magic Rock’s “Rapture” ale adding a nice accompaniment to the evenings proceedings. read more

“Joint Venture” a book by Ed Kleinman

I’m was already familiar with Ed’s name due to him being the tour manager of the Stranglers when they did their U.S tour in 78’ and Ed’s eventual move to manager in 1980-82. So when I heard he’d written a book I thought I’d take a look. I noticed it was less than a fiver on Amazon so I didn’t think twice about the purchase. read more

British Sea Power–Cambridge Junction 18th April 2014

Was looking forward to this especially after the previous week’s amazing Sheffield gig. read more