Top 10 Guitar Solos (as of September 2017)

Subject to change at any moment a dose of manflu allows me to indulge in the following during a fit of boredom. Which brings us nicely onto the first entry… Buzzcocks – Boredom A real punk two fingered salute to the prog rock guitar…

Mojo Magazine March 2010

Was going through some old magazines in the garage and found an old Mojo magazine. Forgot I got a mention

The Stranglers – Bradford St Georges Hall 2nd March 1990

This is where I check in. ¬† My first gig of many. ¬†14 years old. I had no fecking idea what I was getting myself into. Even then I’d been a Stranglers fan for a few years – They were due to play this…

The Stranglers – Leeds 25th March 2016

I was at this gig – Don’t remember much about it thanks to my good friend alcohol! It was good- they played Black and White for the first half of the gig then followed it up with hits and bits.

The Stranglers first album artwork predicts next 20 years of album artwork

The artwork for the first Stranglers album Rattus Norvegicus¬†contains a photo of the band surrounded by various artifacts which indicate the titles for 5 of their future albums spanning the next 3 decades. 1 The Gospel According To The Meninblack Pretty sinister figure-in-black lurking…