Configuring Azure web and SQL UK Culture

For MVC 5 you’ll need the following: read more

Raspberry Pi Web Scraping and Push Notifications

Had the Raspberry Pi for a while now and haven’t really done much with it so I decided to build something semi-useful. Basically we’ll be scraping the web using:-
Python (programming language)
BeautifulSoup (Python library to assist with screen scraping).
Pushbullet (allow for notifications to Android phone – both SMS and push notifications)
Firstly, lets get the web page we’re interested in the live departure table. read more

Nunit [ExpectedException] attribute no longer in use 3.0 onwards.

Was converting a series of unit tests from MsTest to Nunit (due to TeamCity constraints with MsTest).  Was scratching my head for a while – Coulda sworn Nunit supports the ExpectedException attribute.  Quick google and it does – Look! there in the official Nunit documentation  Further digging gets me to this  .  Ok.

Messing about with the PushBullet API

Stumbled across the PushBullet API and Android App.  Spent 10 mins and managed to send push notification to my phone using curl as follows:- read more

Azure Connection Strings

Connection string data should always be removed of obfuscated in source control.  There are many approaches to accommodating this. Scott Hanselmann has a great post on this.  Azure makes this even easier if you’re hosting a web app that’s referencing a database somewhere. read more