Office Open XML Powerpoint Table Row Woes

Experienced an interesting “feature” in Powerpoint XML development/integration recently. Basically, it appears there is no way to define a default font size/style on a table row. It’s possible to specify the default font size via the slide master but if a user forgets to set it then some interesting side effects can occur when programmatically populating a slide/presentation. In fact it looks pretty shoddy as you’ll see an empty table rows being set as some arbitrary default font size (usually Calibri 18). It’s pretty likely you’ll see any table rows without text being set to this default size which introduces creep/shift in the table. read more

Upgrading WordPress to PHP 7+

Go into CPanel locate the PHP version dropdown and set it to version 7………Thank you very much ladies and gentleman. Good night! read more

Archiving Azure Cosmos Data

Having a play with Azure Cosmos DB over the Easter weekend and played with the Azure SDK. The code is a bit slapdash as I was messing with it in Linqpad – it would need knocking into shape if you were to use this in a Production environment. read more

FTP Server error econnrefused

FTP service up and running on server? Yep read more

InvalidProgramException / Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program

Experienced this issue when carrying out a live deployment. There’s various StackOverflow topics on the subject but it appears to be an issue with Azure deployment. Re-deploy and all should be fine.