Azure DevOps – Create a Build Server VM

Configuring the Build Server

Here I simply span up an Azure VM and installed Visual Studio Build Tools.  It makes life a little easier if you install the dev tools you need first before installing the agent as the agent service will need restarting each time a new set of tools are installed.  You can check installs under the Capabilities section of the agent. read more

SQLCMD / Dacpacs

Had a need to run a dacpac script that wasn’t part of pre or post deployments. You can use sqlcmd to do that for you by issuing the following:- read more

Migrating from TFVC to Git

Powershell, Pester and Octopus

Notes from creating Powershell scripts with Pester Unit testing and deploying via Octopus deploy

“Invoke-Pester” will run the pester test files. The test files need to be named something.tests.ps1 to be discovered by the Pester test runner.
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Web Scraping – How to scrape Instragram

Targeting Instagram

I’ve blogged about web scraping before mainly with Raspberry Pi and Python (utilising BeautifulSoup).
Finding a free weekend I decided to revisit scraping and looked at Instagram.

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