Royal Mere Aldemar Hotel, Hersonosis, Crete


Spent a week at the Royal Mere hotel near Hersonosis in Crete with my mother. This was my 3rd time in Crete having being previously there to different parts of the island on a family holiday in the 80s and with my wife in 2011. read more

Transforming a tired Edwardian Hallway

Spent a day tidying up my old hallway. After toying with light grey then dark grey I decided that some colour was needed. A cheap pot of paint from B&Q, a free day and all was set…… read more

Waverley Steam Train in Shipley

By chance (our train was late otherwise we wouldn’t have seen this) we saw the Waverley Steam Train in Shipley last week.

Bingley Show 20th July 2019

A splendid time was had by all at the Bingley Show despite the gloomy weather. read more

Up Ont Moors 6th July 2019

Decided to get up on the moors near where I live and have a look around. On one side you have Saltaire on the other there’s Leeds Bradford airport. There was quite a bit going on and managed to capture some of it including a pub crawl bus on it’s way to Glen House pub nearby and someone flying an advertising banner over Leeds.