The Stranglers first album artwork predicts next 20 years of album artwork

The artwork for the first Stranglers album Rattus Norvegicus contains a photo of the band surrounded by various artifacts which indicate the titles for 5 of their future albums spanning the next 3 decades. read more

Wind-up Birds and Kleine Schweine – Leeds Becketts 5th February 2016

First gig of 2016 for me and back to a place I hadn’t been to for almost 20 years. Leeds Met Uni bar.  Used to go to “Stomp” nights there in the 90s as a student.  No real cause to go back since, well except for this evening. read more

David Bowie – 8th January 1947 – 10th January 2015 – RIP

Woke up on “Blue Monday” to terrible news. read more

British Sea Power – The Venue – Derby 18th December 2015

Last gig for me for 2015.  The temptation to fit in another BSP gig this year was too much so the train down with a couple of Magic Rock tinnies, quick pint in the Alexander pub near the station and we’re on our way to the hotel.  Then it’s food and more beers in the Greyhound pub then onto the venue “The Venue” ! read more

Brix and The Extricated – Night and Day Cafe Manchester 20th November 2015

A cheeky Friday afternoon booked off work, me and Lammy meet at Leeds station and before we know it we’re on the train hurtling through the pennines Manchester bound.  Check in at the hotel then onto Chinatown (via a couple of pubs of course).  Another stunning tofu dish at The Great Wall chinese restaurant it never fails to disappoint.  Enough preamble! The gig! read more