Sauna Youth–Belgrave Music Hall–Leeds 10th October 2015

First Sauna Youth gig for me and I was not going to be disappointed.  The gig was supposed to be at the newly opened Headrow House but was moved a couple of days before to Belgrave Music Hall – fuck knows why.  Oh well it was still free – decided to pop along. read more

Forest Holidays – Keldy Cabins

Just back from 5 days Forest Holiday at Keldy Cabins.  Located in the heart of the North Yorks Moors there’s 2 sites close to each other that “Forest Holidays” offer.  Keldy and Cropton.  Doing a bit of digging before I decided to go for the Keldy location.  From the reviews Keldy seems to be located further into the forest whereas Cropton sounds like the cabins are located in a field. read more

British Sea Power @ Hebden Bridge Trades Club 31st July 2015

Another BSP gig at Hebden Bridge Trades Club.  The last one was a corker and tonight’s didn’t disappoint. read more

Hugh Cornwell @ Hebden Bridge Trades Club 9th August 2015

Having enjoyed a couple of days at the first weekend of Edinburgh Fringe and my body crying out for sleep and a nice quiet night in the thought of Hugh at Hebden Bridge is too much of a temptation. read more

Gacutil fails to register a dll and fails silently

I hit a bit of an issue the other day. read more