Super Furry Animals return

All this new Super Furry Animals activity has reminded me of the time I saw them at the O2 festival in Leeds mid 2000s sometime I guess. ¬†Great atmosphere in the tent and at the end it turned from a rock gig to a rave – Here’s some crappy footage I filmed

SSIS – Manually assigning Null values

Spent a few minutes trying to assign null to a derived variable as part of a script task transform. In my mind Row.CreatedDate = null would do it right? read more

XML Refresher

Haven’t really touched XML for a fair few months now so by way of a refresher I worked through the excellent Pluralsight “Many Approaches To XML Processing” course. Notes below:- read more

SSIS is replacing null values with Zeros for integers

Hit an issue recently where a csv file was being transformed through an SSIS package but persisting to the database as zero value integers for all null value columns. read more