The Stranglers Leeds O2 Carling Academy 17th March 2015

Never been a fan of gigs on a “school night” but I could hardly miss this one could I? read more

Manic Street Preachers – Leeds Town & Country Club 8th April 1996 “Leeds Sound City”

The Manic Street Preachers first gig proper after the disappearance of band member Richey Edwards.  (I think just prior to this gig they did some support thing to The Stone Roses at Wembley) read more

The Stranglers @ Sheffield O2 7th March 2015

I’ve lost count of the amount of Stranglers gigs I’ve attended now. It started in 1990 and I’ve seen the (on average) at least twice a year.  Somewhere in the region of 50 then. read more

Nokia Denim update rolling out to Lumia 920 this evening.

Just received the update.  You’ll need at least 50% power.

Octopus Deploy with Team City

Working with one other developer on a greenfield project we had no CI in place. Somehow over the course of a couple of sprints (and mainly off plan) I managed to get TeamCity configured and Octopus deploy to push out the 3 main apps we were building to Dev and 2 Test VMs. read more