“Joint Venture” a book by Ed Kleinman

I’m was already familiar with Ed’s name due to him being the tour manager of the Stranglers when they did their U.S tour in 78’ and Ed’s eventual move to manager in 1980-82. So when I heard he’d written a book I thought I’d take a look. I noticed it was less than a fiver on Amazon so I didn’t think twice about the purchase. read more

British Sea Power–Cambridge Junction 18th April 2014

Was looking forward to this especially after the previous week’s amazing Sheffield gig. read more

British Sea Power– Sheffield Leadmill – 14th April 2014

I need to check the Buzzcocks anthology book cos I swear the last time I was at the Leadmill was back in 1996 when Buzzcocks was touring their “All Set” album. But the venue seems different in appearance but then almost 20 years have past. read more

The Stranglers–Leeds Carling Academy 21st March 2014

How many times have I seen this band now? First gig back in 1990 with original singer Hugh Cornwell and now on their 40th year I’m seeing them back at Leeds. This is fast becoming an annual event now. Must be the 6th year they’ve played here in March? read more

British Sea Power–Ilkley Film Festival–Kings Hall, Ilkley–15th February 2014–From The Land To The Sea Beyond Soundtrack Performance

We’d seen BSP perform the Land Beyond soundtrack the previous year at Sheffield’s Crucible theatre (just noticed I didn’t review that one – need to sort that out). read more