Azure API Management – Caching


Carried out a discovery phase recently to look at Azure API Management and the key features gained by layering Azure’s API Manager (APIM) as a proxy/facade layer between your backend APIs. One of the elements of APIM that rather appealed to me was the “out of the box” caching. read more

Messing about with the PushBullet API

Stumbled across the PushBullet API and Android App.  Spent 10 mins and managed to send push notification to my phone using curl as follows:-

You’ll need to signup and PushBullet to gain access token.

curl -k –header “Access-Token: <your access token>” -X POST –header “Content-Type: application/json” –data-binary “{\”type\”: \”note\”, \”title\”:\”Note Title\”, \”body\”: \”Note Body\”}”

Web API Adventures – Part 1 – Swagger

One thing not immediately obvious with the Swagger API documentation was how to generate metadata particularly for any parameters required as part of an API call.

Surely decorating the API method in question with Summary attributes would make it’s way through to the Swagger API documentation? After a bit of head scratching and googling I realised I was just a step away from achieving this.  I needed to enable the Build Output “XML Documentation file” in the projects build properties.  Give the XML a sensible name i.e bin\WebApiSwagger.XML .

Finally, in the SwaggerConfig.cs create yourself a method:-

protected static string GetXmlCommentsPath()
return System.String.Format(@”{0}\bin\WebApiSwagger.XML”, System.AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory);
} read more

Implementing paging with the Twitter Search API

Useful article here runs through the paging mechanism available through the Twitter search API