The Stranglers first album artwork predicts next 20 years of album artwork

The artwork for the first Stranglers album Rattus Norvegicus contains a photo of the band surrounded by various artifacts which indicate the titles for 5 of their future albums spanning the next 3 decades. read more

Too much time on a Sunday morning….

Hugh Cornwell @ Hebden Bridge Trades Club 9th August 2015

Having enjoyed a couple of days at the first weekend of Edinburgh Fringe and my body crying out for sleep and a nice quiet night in the thought of Hugh at Hebden Bridge is too much of a temptation. read more

The Stranglers Leeds O2 Carling Academy 17th March 2015

Never been a fan of gigs on a “school night” but I could hardly miss this one could I? read more

The Stranglers @ Sheffield O2 7th March 2015

I’ve lost count of the amount of Stranglers gigs I’ve attended now. It started in 1990 and I’ve seen the (on average) at least twice a year. ¬†Somewhere in the region of 50 then. read more