The Stranglers Leeds O2 Carling Academy 17th March 2015

Never been a fan of gigs on a “school night” but I could hardly miss this one could I?

Being a tad more sober than the previous week’s Sheffield gig I stood in the middle of the venue and took this one in.   The band seemed on form although there was no Jet Black present tonight.

Similar setlist to Sheffield but we were treated to Dead Ringer. So that’s 3 Dave vocal songs – fantastic!  Although he did have a coughing fit half way through his vocal delivery of “Four Horsemen”

“Nice In Nice” sounded particularly good this evening – A much welcome bouncy Summer breeze of a song on a cold St Patricks night evening.  I think I was the only one who got Baz’s “…I’ve been to Leeds” comedy reference.

And who’s sick idea was this? Shitty lager £4.50 a pint.  £4.50!!!

Thanks to you know who for sticking me on the guestlist.

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