Using JMeter With OAuth

Had an interesting battle with JMeter recently. I needed to load test on an authorized endpoint. I’m no expert on JMeter but I have a basic understanding. It didn’t look like retaining a token from an auth request was easily supported in JMeter. So here’s how I did it….. read more

Blazor, Cosmos DB and OData (aka What I Did In My Lockdown Xmas Holiday)

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Decided to use some spare time to revisit Blazor, particularly getting it to work with OData. Taking my inspiration from Hassan Habib and his Enabling Pagination in OData post I wanted to build upon that and modernise the approach slightly by implementing client side Blazor and bringing some of the goodies from NET5 by using a code behind approach for example. read more

7 Tips To Deal With Large Scale Code Refactoring

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A few weeks back I noticed that a part of the code that I’d been working on for over a year seemed to be growing in size and needed to be addressed in order to avoid future headaches and pain. The code is by no means monolithic but of a significant size to be a thing in it’s own right and not a quick 15 minute fix. I could see that action was needed in order to support future maintainability and scalability. Here’s 7 tips for refactoring… read more

There were build errors. Would you like to continue and run the last successful build?

There Were Build Errors. Would You Like To Continue And Run The Last Successful Build? read more

Moq – Getting the Value Of a Mocked Method Parameter

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There’s scenarios where we don’t care about the Moq “It.IsAny<>” parameter value being passed into a mocked method but we need to get the value on the way out. For example, take the scenario below. I’m using SQLite to form integration tests and I need to get a handle on the generated ParentWidget.Id to tie back to my Widget FK. read more