Moq – Mocking the same method call with multiple results

The Scenario

I have a loop in production code that has evolved into processing batches of records. I need to modify an existing unit test to accommodate mocking the same method call each time through the loop returning different results on each loop (as it would in production).

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Moq Vs Rhino Mocks

Just some rough notes I made coming from a Moq framework and converting to Rhino Mocks: read more

Moq – Mocking a cast on an interface

Mocking a Cast on a Mocked Interface

The Setup

var mockedInterface = new Mock<IInterface>();
mockedInterface.As().Setup(i => i.MethodOnTheInterface());

Easy as that!

Moq – Mocking the Request context and verifying SQLException is raised.

Mocking the Request on an API Controller

Had an API controller under unit test which made use of the HttpMessageRequest which I needed to mock.How do I get a handle on this? read more

Moq – Verifying parameter values on a mocked method call.

Was going down a rabbit hole trying to figure out how to check param value on a mocked method (pretty simple if truth be told). read more