Wussy – The Crescent Working Mens Club – York – 29th April 2016

Last (and only time previously?) time Wussy toured the UK was about 4 years ago.  They played York at the time at the now defunct Stereo venue.  Once heralded as “the best band in America” they’ve never really broke the UK, evident by the 20 fans bothering to turn up last time I saw them.  Although tonight the numbers seemed to have doubled Wussy are still relatively unknown in the UK.  They’ve released a couple of albums since then and tonight they’re promoting their recent “Forever Sounds” album which is a return to form IMO. read more

“Magic Band” York Duchess 14th March 2013

Always been a bit of a Beefheart fan and often toyed with the idea of seeing “The Magic Band” when they’ve toured but never got off me arse. The third part of my 3 different bands in less than a week adventure. read more