Big Country – Louth Town Hall 26th October 2018

Same, but different

Although I’ve not seen Big Country obsessively (I’m probably just into double figures) I have managed to see them in quite a few guises over the years. 3 or 4 times with Stuart Adamson (the last being the Final Fling tour at Leeds in 2000), once as a 3 piece with Tony Butler singing (Leeds Rios), a couple of times with Mike Peters and now with Simon Hough.  Obviously, no lineup is going to meet the power of Stuart Adamson but I’ve enjoyed them all. read more

Hugh Cornwell – Louth Town Hall 1st November 2017

Just collected me thoughts after a mini break part of which took in Hugh at Louth. read more

British Sea Power – Louth Town Hall 16th July 2016

British Sea Power again following on from yesterday’s fun.

A wooden owl is passed from the front of the town hall down to the crowd. The crowd graciously receive the owl and it is held aloft and passed down to the back of the town hall. The owl is eventually passed back to the front and it is placed back to it’s original spot. Music is playing. read more